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Hookup Bisexual: your double happiness is here!

Bisexual-hookup will change your life! This is the best dating site in USA for bisexuals, looking for close contact or more serious! It is not always easy to live fully and freely your bisexuality in USA, because we are often asked to choose… but we also have the right to not do so and to want ambivalence or to have specifically an attraction for both genders. And bisexuals are not always well represented on hookup sites. So if you’re a man or a woman and you’re bisexual, this bisexual hookup site is for you, so don’t go anywhere!

But we don’t want to format anything, so our hookup site has also been created for bi couples who like to spice up their romantic games, for gays and lesbians, amateurs, curious to make new discoveries! In short, we have created a dating network for all bisexuals and for all bi-friendly people! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, and whatever your romantic orientation, you’re all here to meet bisexuals!

To have access to the profiles of these guys and girls, you just have to register. You will become a member in your turn. A password and a login later, you are already creating your ad, with pictures if you want. You will then be able to consult the ads of the bi or partners who interest you, exchange with them before fixing an appointment later near your home, so quickly join us on Rencontre Bi!

About Us

Bisexual-hookup is a platform that offers more than just online hookup for bisexuals. While our main goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment for bisexual people to meet new people, we believe that Bisexual-hookup is just as much about creating strong human connections and bonds of love. We cherish diversity and believe in the magic it creates within our community. We are thrilled to welcome millions of users who identify as bisexual with gender identities from across the rainbow.